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CineMoms started when a director of a local entertainment PR firm (who is also a mom), decided that a movie club would be a great way to meet other moms after she "retired" in June of 2008.  It started with 12 moms at a showing of Mamma Mia and the group took off!  Now CineMoms reaches thousands of moms with school-aged children in the Metro Atlanta area.  The mission of CineMoms is to give busy moms a much needed night out! Its other mission is to provide affordable entertainment deals to families during tough economic times!  

In addition to "Mom's Night Out", CineMoms has monthly outings where the whole family is invited to see a movie together, which is popular with both dads & kids.  The club has also expanded beyond movies and is now offering moms & families chances to win free tickets to concerts, plays, arena shows and other free goodies!  Now with our member card, CineMoms can receive great deals all year round with all of our participating partners. In addition, CineMoms has a popular free, weekly newsletter  that also tells about free & low cost events happening in and around the city including discounts at local popular attractions.

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