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Dr. Caroline Abruzese
Personalized Healthcare

Time...we all need more of it--there's even a movie opening about its extreme value.  We take time to schedule ALL of the appointments for our children, including their healthcare visits.  However, when it comes to our own healthcare--we tend to put ourselves on the back burner.  We are typically LAST on our list of "to-do."


Unless and until there's a problem, our own health (and the preservation of our good health) tends to be ignored.
Dr. Caroline Abruzese, a Board Certified Internist in Sandy Springs, has some great information and advice for busy moms. 
NOTE: If you are up to date on your annual physical, PAP, mammogram, vaccinations, take all necessary supplements, get enough sleep, exercise enough, drink enough water, etc.  DO NOT CONTINUE READING! 


For the rest of us, we asked Dr. A if she would periodically respond to our health Qs...just to keep the subject of mom's health on our minds...each month she will address some of your questions:


Q: I'm in good health and have not been to the doctor in about 3 years.  I've got 2 children and I'm just now hitting the big 40.  I don't really feel the need to see a doctor, since I'm never sick, should I? 


Dr. A: Yes! Maintaining good health is not only about treating illness, but also about your plan for wellness; 70% of adult illness is, in part, due to habits and choices. It is essential to work with a like minded physician to create a plan for prevention.



Q: I cannot seem to drop those last 15 pounds of baby weight.  (btw, my "baby" is in 5th grade)  I've heard about some pills that are all-natural that will get me to my high-school weight, are these pills safe?  What about HCG drops?


Dr. A: There are many over the counter diet pills and the active ingredient is either a stimulant, diuretic, or laxative. Stimulants can cause nervousness, blood pressure elevation and even strokes.   Diuretics and laxatives may cause "weight loss", but there is no fat loss.  HCG diet is an extremely low calorie diet. You will lose weight, but you may lose muscle tissue as well as fat. Less muscle=slower metabolism=weight gain when coming off of the diet.  


About Personalized Healthcare:

After 14 years of practicing Internal Medicine, Dr. Caroline Abruzese created a practice to give her patients the care they deserve. Same or next day appointments, longer, unrushed office visits, no wait time, 24/7 access to Dr.A through her personal cell phone or e-mail and coordination of care are all offered at Personalized Healthcare in Sandy Springs.  The January 2011 issue of Town & Country magazine described Dr. Abruzese as "...a health and lifestyle coach, custom tailoring each preventative health plan around the needs of the individual."  Dr. A believes that treating illness is not enough; every person needs a plan for wellness.  


What's Your Plan for Prevention?

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