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What is CineMoms?
CineMoms started as a movie club for moms, but now its become so much more!!  CineMoms is a membership club for moms and dads with school-aged children (pre-school – high school) in the Atlanta area. Once you join CineMoms, you will receive a member number which will instantly allow you to receive free offers for movies, theatre tickets, museums, local attractions and more. Some events are just for moms, others are for the whole family!  Our mission is to offer fun and affordable opportunities to families all year round!  Our weekly newsletters will have all the details of our current offers.  When you get tickets, the membership allows entrance for 2 into adult events, and entrance for up to 4 for most family events.  **We realize that there are families with 5 and 6 members.  Whenever possible, we will try to accommodate additional family members.

What is the cost?  How do I get a Membership Number?
It is $35 for an annual year-long membership, good for the entire calendar year. Once you join, your credit card will be automatically billed each year.  Or you can select our recurring payment plan. Your credit card will be charged $10 every three months.  Once you join, you will be assigned a membership number which you will need to use when responding to our offers.

What if I want to cancel my membership?
If you wish to cancel, you must do so before your next payment date. Email us at info@cinemoms.com. If you cancel early, you will still have access to your membership for the remainder of your current subscription.* Refunds will be issued only to those who cancel within 14 days after their membership renewal.

*Those who cancel will be need to pay an additional $15 fee to reinstate membership.

Who can join?
Moms and Dads with school-aged children in Metro Atlanta.  If you don't fall into that category, we have another group for you called CineBoom.  Click here for details!

What is the CineMoms Priority Pass?
Everybody who joins CineMoms will now automatically receive a Priority Pass, a one time pass which gives you priority on one offer during the year. You will automatically receive a new priority pass when your membership renews each year.  For those who are on the recurring payment plan, you will receive a new pass yearly as well.  Priority passes CAN NOT be carried over into the next year and will expire at the end of the membership year whether or not they have been used.  When you want to use your priority pass, please put PRIORITY in the subject line when responding.  Your membership must be current in order to use a Priority Pass.  *Priority Passes not valid for gift memberships or any reduced membership offers.

How many free events does each member get to participate in?
There are no limits. We have enough to ensure our members have plenty of opportunities to keep their families busy with fun-filled events througout the year.  We will give priority to those members who have not received any offers within 30 days then go down the list based on first come, first served requests.

How do I find out about your offers?
CineMoms has fun, new offers every week.  We alert our members via our website, social media and e-blasts.  When members see something they want, simply email us at mail@cinemoms.com or click the link provided in the newsletter.  Make sure to include your member number with your request.  We will always indicate if an offer is for moms only or the whole family (and the amount of members that can attend). 

I am not ready to join, when can I decide?
Decide anytime!  Meanwhile, we recommend you sign up to receive our free weekly email newsletter.  In addition to our giveaways, we always blast out free & cheap events happening around the city.  Click here to subscribe.

I love this idea and would love to purchase a membership for my daughter who has young kids.  Can I do that?
Yes!  CineMoms' memberships make great gifts!  Email us at info@cinemoms.com to purchase gift memberships.  Members can purchase gift memberships for new members only for $20.  Non-members can purchase gift memberships for $35.

How quickly can I get started?
Right away.  Simply visit the JOIN page on our website and sign up.  You will receive your membership number within seven days, but you don't have to wait.  Visit our homepage to see the most current newsletter and you can begin to take advantage of all our offers!

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