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A Honkin' Good Time!
Kid Reporter Cobe Jackson reviews the
fun, family-friendly musical HONK!

CineMoms Kid Reporter, Cobe Jackson, Age 10
I have enjoyed seeing a wonderful musical this afternoon at the Alliance Theatre that is based on the story of the “The Ugly Duckling” called “HONK” by Anthony Drewe. Before seeing HONK I had no idea of the story of the ugly duckling, but after seeing this production, I learned two valuable lessons.  This story tells about a duckling that is different from the other ducks in his family and on the farm.  When he hatched, he was big, awkward, called “ugly” and “honked” instead of quacked.  This startled his family and other birds around the farm.  It was hard for people to accept him for who he was.

Once he was separated from his mother, he took a journey that introduces him to many characters such as the cat, frogs, and other birds.  Once he comes to find a beautiful swan named “Penny” and saves her life he was captivated by her beauty.  Penny saw this “ugly duckling” for who he was inside.  Before being reunited with his mother, he changes into a beautiful swan.  He goes back with his mother and becomes the head poultry on farm because he was given a red necklace from the other bird that was considered the best.

This musical has memorable songs, characters and dancing for the whole family.  The set and colors were amazing.  They even had junior ushers to help us find our seats. I laughed during many scenes and wanted to even see more! I learned that everyone is bound to do something great even though many people may not think that you can.  I also learned that if you feel alone in your life, there is a sweet spirit cheering you on in your heart that tells you to never give up and always hope. 
This is a must see for the entire family.  Out of a scale of four stars, "HONK" gets a rating of 4 stars!

Check out Cobe's photos from his visit to HONK.  He was able to meet and greet with several of the cast members!

HONK is now playing at the Alliance Theatre through March 20. 
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Cobe Jackson is a 5th grader at Atlanta Heights Charter School in the city of Atlanta