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See what real moms are saying about CineMoms!

"I LOVE CineMoms!  You have done such a great job getting moms together for movie nights, dinners and winning awesome prizes. It is just what this mom needed."
-Connie L.

"I absolutely ADORE CineMoms because I’ve won so many fun things for my husband, children, and I to do as a family, and for my husband and I to do for a cheap but great “Date Night. In only three months, I’ve won about $286 worth of fun stuff for my $35 annual membership fee!"
-Beth T.

"CineMoms is a must-do for Moms in Atlanta! It is the place to hear about all of the great things going on for families and the prizes are amazing. I have encouraged all of my friends to join."
-Deborah S.

"What a pleasure it’s been to be a member of the group this year plus added bonus of getting the chance to do things with my family that don’t cost extra money!  Every penny of the annual membership was worth it…so much so that I bought memberships for friends, teachers, etc. for them to enjoy in the fun next year as well – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks for hosting and putting together such a wonderful myriad of events and adventures in which we can participate!"
-Kelly S.

"CineMoms and the tickets I receive to movies and events has added fun and joy to my life.  As a family, we have shared many outings. I've also had many fun outings with girlfriends that I never would have considered without CineMoms. CineMoms has added fun and increased friendships to my life!"
-Wendy B.

"CineMoms is a win-win for everyone!  Since I have been a member, I have actually won amazing tickets to several shows, movies and received DVD's as a bonus!  I have been able to take my daughter's to special screenings, they have met actors and been exposed to wonderful experiences that we would not have been exposed to if not for the opportunity given to us by CineMoms.  What a great job they do!!  All for a nominal fee...it is more than worth it!  Thank you CineMoms!!! "
-Randi S. 

"I joined CineMoms this summer and immediately regretted that I hadn't done it earlier. Not only have I won tickets for movies and shows, but I also get a weekly newsletter filled with fun activities for the whole family.  Instead of searching the internet and newspaper for how to entertain my children I just open up my email and all the work is done for me."
-Adina R.

"CineMoms has become almost my entire social life!"
-Cathy S.